Fishing For All Infomation Under The Sun

Fishing For All Information Under The Sun

A friendly environment to share tips, tricks, & knowledge about our fish and their tanks, out pets whether furry or with feathers,
natural remedies, gardening, how to save & earn money & so much more!


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About fish tank and other helpful non fish related information?  This site is being made to help everyone understand about taking care of your fish and maintaining good living conditions for them. As well as the true meaning of herbal remedies and how you can start using mother nature to either help yourself or others, & soon to come; Reviews on items we use everyday, movies we watch, giveaways across the web  & Much More! . Subscribe to my site to keep track of my updates & share your information to help each  other live better :-)   

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About Us

Hi we are Lettie & Jason, We have had many fish in our 30 something years of life and we know a lot about freshwater fish tanks. We currently have a 55 gallon tank which has Gouramis and a 20 gallon tank with Ghost & Cherry Shrimp growing in it.We are learning how to grow plants, and herbs, my wife and I also like herbal remedies from mother nature - real life. We are also proud new owners of eight hens. I am an "on again, off again" gamer as I only play when I have time now & my wife likes to make craft items. Well one last thing about myself is I love my Alaskan Malamute just as much as I love our children, as a matter of fact, I think my Alaskan Malamute is just as spoiled as our children :-)

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